Saturday, November 21, 2009

Farhe(Rice Dumplings with yellow lentil stuffing)

Farhe is a snack from UP(Uttar Pradesh) the political heart of India, which is made as an offering to God on some festivals like karwachauth and bhayia dooj.Farhe is basically rice dumplings cooked with gram dal stuffing.

Rice Flour 2 cup
Chana/Gram dal 1 cup
Onion 1
Green chili 1-2
Oil 2 tbsp

1. Wash and soak chana dal overnight.In the morning drain and grind the dal using very little water.Add some salt in it.
2. Take rice flour in a big bowl and knead it into a dough using little water at a time.
3. Make small lemon size balls out of this dough and flatten it into a circle using your hands.
4. Put a spoonful of dal inside this circle and fold the circle into a semi circle.
5. Now there are two ways to cook these dumplings.First method is steaming them and second method is put the balls in boiling water.
6. I used the second method.Boil water in a big pot and pour the dumplings in batches.Let them cook in water for 5 minutes and then take out.Allow them to cool.

7. Now with a sharp knife cut each dumpling in thin slices.
8. Heat oil in a pan/kadhayi and add in it chopped onion and green chili.Fry till golden in colour.Now add the dumpling slices,some salt and cook for 4-5 minutes.
9. It's ready to serve with green coriander chutney.


  1. The dumplings are simple easy and delicious.

  2. Wow Dipti...this is so unique recipe....I really like your posts , you post awesome UP food....thx for sharing.....

  3. That's a good one. We make something similar to this sans the frying part and its called modhagam/kozhukattai. This is something interesting. Great job!!

  4. Nice click , easy and simple healthy too.

  5. Such a wonderful recipe...Looks so yummy!!!

  6. these farhe are called Goojha too as they are bigger n probably the male version of gujhia he he..
    i make it a bit differently and have been thinking of posting this for a long time....i used to have major craving for this and dahi bara during my pregnancy days.....

    your presentatin is so good...want to make it right now...
    do you make it with urad dal too?

  7. thanks all for ur sweet comments.
    hey Renu,being a UP'ite i luv all the dishes of this state...some i learnt frm my mom n others frm my MIL.
    Sangeeta, yeah it can be made with urad dal also but i prefer chana dal as its easy to digest:)

  8. Hi deepti, visiting your blog for the first time and so happy to see this post.I love farhe and make it often but we use wheat flour atta instead of rice flour. I am going to try this one now as it looks yummy.