Friday, August 20, 2010

Refreshing Water Melon Smoothie

As the mercury level is getting higher it is very difficult to keep yourself cool.But the market is full of different options to make smoothies.So why not try water melon for the same purpose.Just add a few other things and you will get a soothing,refreshing,delicious and healthy smoothie.


Water Melon chunks 4 cups

Fresh Mint Leaves (a few sprigs)

Lemon Juice 1 tbsp

Rock Salt/kala namak 1 tsp

Ice cubes (as required)


1. Cut the water melon in small chunks and remove the seeds.

2. Put everything in blender and blend it.

3. Pour in glasses and decorate with some mint leaves and lemon slices.Serve chill.

Note: If you want you can also add some honey for sweetness.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Mint-Mango Chutney

I love mango season when market is full of loads of mangoes in both forms raw as well as ripe.Here I used mint leaves and raw mango to make this chutney.This chutney is very good for summers as mint has ability to sooth our digestive system.The sourness from raw mangoes gives it a tanginess.


Mint Leaves 1 bunch

Mango(raw) 1

Green Chillies 3-4



1. Pick the mint leaves from the bunch and clean them under running water.Peel the skin off the mango,clean it and cut it into slices.Discard the stone.

2. Take mint leaves,green chillies,mango slices in a grinder and add little water to grind it into a paste.

3. Take out in a bowl and add salt.Mix it well and it's ready to serve with any meal or snack.