Friday, April 16, 2010

Bathua Paratha

Last time when I visited my farmer's market I was extremely happy to see loads of green veggies.From the very first time I saw these fresh bathua(hindi name) leaves there.In India these leaves are also known as paruppukkirai,pappukara,vastuccira,chakvit and fat hen,pigweed,lambs-quarters in english.These leaves are very nutritious and contain protein,Vitamin A,calcium,phosphorus and potassium.Here is the recipe of parathas made of bathua.

Bathua Leaves 1 Bunch
Wheat Flour 2 cup
Cumin Seeds 1 tsp
Green Chili 1-2
Oil/Ghee(Clarified butter)

1. Take the bathua leaves and discard the stems.Wash the leaves in a colander under running water and chop them finely.
2. In a big bowl take the flour and mix in it the chopped leaves,salt,chopped green chillies,cumin seeds with your hands.
3. Now add little water at a time to knead it into a medium-soft dough.Cover it and keep aside for 20-25 minutes.
4. Make round balls from this dough and roll it into a small circle with a rolling pin applying dry flour.Apply a little oil/ghee on this and close it from all the sides,forming a round ball again.
5. Roll this ball into a round circle as we do in roti/chapati.
6. Cook this paratha on a preheated tava/griddle over medium flame.Apply oil/ghee on both sides of the parathas.Remove it from the tava/griddle when it is golden brown from both sides.
7. Serve hot with pickles/relish/chutney.


  1. very healthy n yummy too.
    i have posted a bathua recipe long time back n few more bathua recipes like raita n kadhi too, i get many visitors who come searching for where to get bathua in the US or what it is called in the US might like to add these facts to your write up.

  2. Oh wow.. thats healthy, interesting and yummy too. I am loving the presentation as well :)

  3. Haven't tried a paratha with bathua..sounds super delicious :-)

  4. what is bathua leaves? the paratha looks delicious.

  5. looks delicious..never trie this recipe..really its a very healthy vegettable...all leafy veges are perfect.
    Thanks for sharing this recipe

  6. Wow sounds delicious. I have never ussed bhathua . Will have to try sometime.

  7. Which farmer's market and where in the US did you find bathua? Please do share..

  8. looks very interesting..
    thanks for this wonderul recipe...If you have time come and visit my blog