Monday, October 26, 2009


This is a very famous lentil dumplings in yogurt snack in India.It is commonly known as dahi vada ,dahi bada or dahi bhalla.It can also be served as a side dish.You can make it in advance and store them for your upcoming party/get-together.

Urad Dal/Black Gram(split without skin) 1 cup
Ginger grated 1 tsp
Green Chili chopped 1 tsp
Plain Yogurt 2 cup
Red chili pw 1 tsp
Roasted Cumin pw 1-2 tsp
Chaat Masala
Oil for deep frying

1. Wash and soak urad dal in water for 6-7 hours or overnight.
2. Grind dal using very little water to make a thick batter.Now mix salt,grated ginger,chopped green chili in it and beat it well.
3. Heat oil in a kadhayi/pan and pour spoonful of this mixture in it or make small round balls using your hands.Oil should not be smoky hot.Dip spoon/hand in water every time you make a vada so that the batter comes out easily.
4. Fry the vadas from both sides till it is golden in colour.Take out and keep aside on a kitchen paper towel.Let them cool.
5. Soak your vadas in water for 15 minutes then take them out and gently press between your hands to remove excess water.
6. Beat the curd/yogurt and add some water in it to make it a little bit watery consistency.Add a very small amount of salt in curd and mix it.
7. Arrange the vadas in a bowl and pour the curd on it so that all the vadas will be covered evenly.
8. Sprinkle some chat masala,red chili powder and cumin powder on it.Now cover it and refrigerate it for 15 minutes before serving.
9. Finally serve the vadas with green and tamarind chutneys.

Note: 1. Add little salt in the dal batter otherwise it will make the batter watery.
2. You can add some salt or sugar according to your taste in the water in which vadas are soaked.
3. You can put the vadas in a zip lock bag and freeze them.

Sending this for the event Cook For Yourself by Radhika of Saurastra Kitchen.


  1. yummy Dahi vada,My very favourite.

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  4. Hey! Looks great! Just came acroos your blog via orkut....u have really taken to blogging seriously and have quite a nice collecteion of receipes building...keep up the good work!

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